The purpose of asana is the cultivation of a perfectly integrated physiology and, grace and ease in any activity in life.
— Jim Kulackoski

The Darshan Method of Hatha Yoga

Transform your entire being, develop incredible strength and flexibility, and do any pose, regardless of your current ability and how it applies to every aspect of your life.

The Darshan Method of Hatha yoga is unique approach to Asana based on ancient principles of Vedic and Tantric Science. It uses advanced, yet easy to learn techniques including a system of internal alignment that naturally creates order, harmony and integration within all aspects of your physiology: your body, mind, attention and beyond. 

The Darshan Method of Hatha Yoga works by bringing all aspects of yourself together under the umbrella of your own consciousness. Through simple techniques, you will uncover and utilize the potential of your body, your mind, your energy and your attention in a manner which not only allows you to do any yoga pose easily, but also can be applied to any activity or aspect of your life allowing you to live a life of grace and ease.

Regardless of your age, experience or physical condition, in this approach you will re-discover your physical body in a way you never thought possible and experience the side effects of yogic integration such as remarkable strength and flexibility, a powerful sense of focus and a deep sense of clarity and peace of mind.

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