The Base Cleanse

Looking for a way to deeply cleanse and reset your system? The Base cleanse is your answer.

The Base Cleanse is a yoga lifestyle cleanse that teaches you how to align your body, mind and spirit with the season at hand and the prevailing tendencies of nature during that time. It’s a chance to reset your system, loose weight and detoxify your body and mind. During this cleanse, you will learn to develop a self-care practice you can use for the rest of your life, by performing simple routine adjustments that create powerful, positive changes to every aspect of your life. 


What is the Base Cleanse?

In this short, two week life-changing journey, you will have an opportunity to slow down, breathe, and become self-aware in a way you never have before. During The Base Cleanse you will have a chance to retreat inward and discover who you really are, who you have been and who you want to be moving forward. 

How is The Base Cleanse different than other cleanses? 

Unlike most cleanses which primarily focus on changing eating habits, The Base Cleanse addresses every aspect of what makes you human, your physical body, your mind and ultimately who you are at your deepest level, your conscious self. All of this is accomplished in a simple, easy to follow program which gently produces powerful results.

Here is a brief overview of some of the things you will do in the Base Cleanse:

  • Self administered Ayurvedic therapies, which are cleansing, nourishing and easy to perform such as Abhyanga, Snehana, Virechana and Garshana. These simple, yet powerful practices work on the deepest level to cleanse and rejuvenate your physical body.

  • Dietary adjustments and herbal formulas which support both detoxification and rejuvenation.

  • Simple yoga poses and special meditations for your health which are easy to learn, fun to do and life changing.

  • Marma Therapy, the stimulation of certain acupressure points in your body which assist the cleansing process, balance the liver and rejuvenate the digestive system, causing lasting changes in your health and well being.

  • Journaling questions which allow you to discover who you are, and create who you want to be allowing you to uncover “mental toxins” which act as hinderances to you and your life .



What does The Base Cleanse include? 

When you sign up for The Base Cleanse you will receive a cleanse kit which included everything you need (except a few simple items you can get at your local market) to embark on your two week cleansing journey.

  • A detailed 3 hour workshop which fully explains and demonstrates every aspect of The Base Cleanse, and answers any questions you may have.

  • 2 weeks worth of kichari ingredients, a cleansing and nourishing dish which is delicious and easy to prepare

  • Premium Indian and Chinese herbs, spices and supplements

  • A Comprehensive educational manual which is easy to follow and details every aspect of the Base Cleanse

  • A Body brush for performing Garshana

  • Sesame oil for performing Abhyanga

  • Tongue scraper

  • Guidance and support via phone and online 


Who is The Base Cleanse for?

The Base Cleanse is for you if you are:

  • A person who is health conscious or interested in improving their health, quality of life as well as their outlook on life.

  • Someone who is interested in their own personal evolution.

  • Someone who is looking for a deeper connect with themselves, others and their world.

  • Someone who is curious about how their body works and is interested in developing a lifestyle that supports optimal health.

*The Base Cleanse is not a substitute for sound medical advice, or a cure for serious medical conditions. You are advised to consult with your physician before embarking on this, or any other health related program.

How much does The Base Cleanse cost? 

Your total investment for the Base Cleanse is $395. This includes the detailed three-hour workshop, the comprehensive manual, the Base Cleanse kit, as well as continuing phone and online support. Everything you need to do the cleanse is included except the recommended fresh fruit and vegetable ingredients all of which can easily be found at your local grocery store.

How do I register for The Base Cleanse?

Stay tuned! Our next session of the base cleanse is currently being planned for fall 2019. Details are coming soon!