The Darshan Center Advanced Practices
January, 2018 through December, 2018

Drawing from Vedic, Tantric, Yogic and Jin Gui systems, you will learn Sanskrit, Samkhya, Vedanta, Advanced Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Ayurveda, Anatomy, Marma Points, and Meridians. You will dive into Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, and Kriya Yoga. You will also understand and read the Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita in Sanskrit. 

"Upon completion of this course, you will be among the most highly trained yoga instructors in the world."

Whether you're a beginner or advanced yoga practitioner, or whether you are seeking to teach yoga, deepen your understanding of it, or both, this program will challenge you. What makes this course advanced, is that it's studies the most fundamental concepts which comprise all of the philosophies and practices of yoga. It not only explores and teaches these concepts, but allows you as a student the opportunity to master them through special techniques and practices. As you master these concepts, you naturally apply them to your life, in essence becoming the knowledge you learn. This is all accomplished in a manner that is both easy and natural to students of all levels.

This Course Covers the following topics in detail:

The Darshan Method of Asana, a unique and powerful approach to learning, practicing and teaching Yoga Asana based in ancient yogic and tantric techniques, which allows anyone to accomplish and perfect any pose with grace and ease.

Sanskrit, a study and meditative practice which aids the development of brain coherence, and essential in learning the unique concepts inherent in Yoga philosophy.

Samkhya and Vedanta Philosophies, the “what”, “why” and “how” of the universe, a study in essential to understanding and applying Yoga philosophy.

Ayurveda, knowledge and practices which teach you how to cultivate perfect health in yourself and your students. You will learn how to implement these concepts within your practice and teaching, as well as your daily life.

Vedic Approach to Physiology, an advanced understanding of the human physiology from its gross anatomy to its most subtle form or consciousness.

Jnana Yoga, the knowledge that allows one to understand who and what one is in relation to the universe they inhabit.

Karma Yoga, a topic of study which allows you to discover your own unique purpose.

Teaching methodology, a unique approach to becoming a self expressed individual and powerful teacher.

Advanced Practices, consisting of unique and little known tantric practices which strengthen the physical body and serve to powerfully cultivate the development of consciousness, while re-enforcing the advanced concepts presented in the course.

For more details about the structure and content of the course, please visit the Course Syllabus page.

The program contains of a full 200 contact hours of coursework, following a comfortable schedule. It consists of 4 modules, with breaks within each module and extensive breaks each module which allow you the opportunity to integrate the knowledge and practices into your life. Those interested in the the 500 hour certification will have an opportunity to fulfill the requirements through additional advanced coursework and practice. Please refer to Course Schedule for more information and actual dates

Upon completion you'll have a deep understanding of Yoga, it’s concepts and practices, as well as a noticeable shift in your relationship to yourself and the world around you. 
For those planning to teach, our commitment to you is that upon completion of this course, you will be among the most highly trained yoga instructors in the world.

Due to the focused nature of this program, the course is limited to 12 participants maximum. Because of its unique approach and content, you will receive a profound level of depth and learning, no matter what, or how extensive your background in yoga may be, therefor, the program is appropriate for both beginning and advanced students.

There are flexible payment plans available for this course. Please refer to Tuition and Payment Plans.

Please note: because of the depth of the coursework and advanced nature of some of the techniques offered, instructor approval is required before applying for the course. This is accomplished through a short interview with me either in person, or via phone. Please contact us for more details.

The Advanced Practices is Yoga Alliance Registered.

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