Who are we then, without our Samskaras?

When we move beyond identification with Samskara, we truly gain choice over our actions. The outside world ceases to be a source of our actions.

Prakriti is itself infinite action or Karma. We can not escape Karma or action as long as we are in a body.

The Practice of Yoga allows us to transcend our Samaskaras. It naturally brings us to a state of awareness, of both our actions themselves, as well as the samskaras which gave rise to them in the first place.

Upon seeing this, and knowing this level of reality, we gain the ability to choose our course of action in any situation rather than simply react.

For example, perhaps you find yourself angry in a particular situation such as someone cutting you off in traffic. The action of becoming angry has its roots in many layers of ideas and beliefs about who you are, who humanity is, as well as the idea of how people should behave with one another. Your "natural" reaction therefor in situations of traffic is anger.

Upon realizing your true nature, in the same situation, you may find your body going through the emotions of anger, fear, criticism, etc. you may find your body reacting as if it is angry, it begins to perspire, perhaps your jaw clenches, or your shoulder's tighten. As you are aware of the actions of your body, you find that you are no longer identifying with them. At that point arises the opportunity to "be" whoever you choose in that moment, regardless of the Samskaras and the past action.

With practice, this happens automatically, and the samskaras become themselves, simply another option of being in the sea of all possibilities rather than the only way to be.

Without your Samskaras, you experience spontaneity and living fulling in the present.

This yoga becomes blissful with practice.