Darshan Center Presents:

Meditation, Art and God Consciousness in Amsterdam

April 18-25, 2020

An enlightening adventure of meditation, art, culture and colorful tulips. 

Amsterdam, a city known for its charming, village-like scale, world renowned art and culture, and romantic canals serves as the backdrop for this transformational journey. Through the daily practice of meditation, you will delve into the depths of your own awareness, and then elevate your mind to the height of human consciousness in the study of some of the greatest artworks ever created.

You will learn specific yogic and meditation techniques to enhance your health and refine your perception, coupled with enlightening and engaging lectures on humanity’s highest form of expression, art.

You will be overwhelmed with exceptional beauty as you tour the world’s most exquisitely curated museums and bicycle through endless fields of tulips, the same countryside which inspired Dutch Masters like Rembrandt, Vermeer and Van Gogh.

What can I expect on this trip?

This transformational journey has been curated to be highly experiential, educational, and cultural, leaving you a different person than when you came. It is geared toward developing a greater sense of appreciation for all that life has to offer through an exploration into consciousness and the humanities.



Fall in love with the world’s most charming city. This vibrant, cosmopolitan, yet impeccably preserved 17th century European capitol is full of incredible architecture, culture and history. Besides being beautiful, Amsterdam is exceptionally organized and well planned making it remarkably easy to navigate by foot, bicycle or public transportation. 

The Dutch culture is welcoming, tolerant and friendly, and English is widely spoken throughout the Netherlands. There are no shortages of things explore, including many museums, restaurants, cafes, parks, concerts and cultural anomalies like its famed red light district and coffeeshops. Although densely populated, the city manages to maintain a peaceful feeling about it and is very safe to visit.

Meditation 1.jpg

Yoga and Meditation

During this trip you will learn easy, yet powerful techniques in yoga and meditation that will leave you physically transformed, and lead you deeper into your own consciousness. 

By expanding your perception, and deepening your awareness, you enhance your experiences in daily life. Whether a beginner or advanced practitioner of yoga or meditation, you will be challenged, gain something new and learn valuable techniques you can easily practice for the rest of your life. No prior experience with yoga or meditation necessary.

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Whether you are an art scholar or know little or nothing about it at all, you will learn to look at art in a whole new light, gaining a sense of appreciation for everything it has to offer. We will discuss what constitutes something as art, discover its universal appeal, and experience how it moves us and allows us to transcend own personal boundaries and limitations.

Although we will talk about many kinds of art, this trip focuses particularly on the Dutch painters Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Vermeer.



You will acquire an understanding of Dutch culture, its unique history and how it has evolved into a highly organized and innovated culture who has managed to solve their own environmental and social problems by incredible feats of engineering and collective agreement. 

God Consciousness

“God Consciousness” is a term that describes an expanded state of perception and connectedness, which allows you to gain the utmost appreciation for something by understanding the fundamental mechanics by which it exists. Through practice, this expands to every area of life, making life rich and full. We will explore this topic in depth in our lectures, and you will catch many glimpses of God Consciousness throughout your trip as you explore the countryside by bike, experience masterworks of art, and while you dive into your own self in meditation.



Bicycle through endless fields of tulips, in magical northern European spring light.

A typical day on this trip…

Each day begins with a yoga and meditation class, followed by an engaging,  life changing lecture and discussion on topics in yogic philosophy and art. This is followed by brunch and an excursion, such as cultural tour or museum tour where you will have a chance to immerse yourself in an aspect of one of the topics discussed. There will also be two day trips to nearby villages including the Hague and Delft, as well as a bicycle trip through the tulips fields and the Keukenhof gardens.

Each excursion ends mid afternoon (with the exception of the days trips), leaving you with plenty of time to wander, explore and discover all that Amsterdam has to offer.

Group Size:

This transformational journey is limited to 10 participants.


We will be staying in the unique Volkshotel in Amsterdam’s Weesperzijde neighborhood, situated on the Amstel River. This chic hotel offers a number of amenities including several dining options, a secret nightclub, work/creative spaces, and a rooftop hot tub and sauna to name just a few.


This transformational journey will take place over 8 days and 7 nights from April 18 through April 25, 2020.


The total price of this transformational journey is 2700.00 for a shared double room and 3500.00 for a single unshared room. Please note these prices exclude airfare.  

What’s included?

Single or Double hotel room accommodations (reflected in price)

  • Daily Yoga and Meditations Classes (with the exception of the midweek trip to the Kuekenhoff gardens)

  • Lectures on art, God Consciousness

  • Daily Breakfast

  • Museum passes to all exhibitions including The Rjiksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Rembrandt House, M.C. Escher Museum, Mauritshuis as well as a number of museums not included in our itinerary that you can visit in your free time.

  • Admission to Keukenhoff gardens

  • Bicycle rental for tulip excursion

  • Day trip transportation to Leiden and Den Haag

  • Guide to Amsterdam the what why and how of this magical city.

  • Jet lag survival kit

  • Many life changing experiences!

What’s not included?

Airfare and travel expenses to and from Amsterdam, and travel expenses such as the train and subway to and from hotel upon initial arrival and final departure from the retreat, evening meals and snacks, and excursions not offered in this trip. 

Please note: We recommend walking to many of the local excursions such as those to the Rjiks Museum and Van Gogh Museum. However, you may wish to use other forms of transportation, such as Uber, Taxi, or bicycle rental. In such cases where you choose to use your own form of transportation such as those mentioned above, those costs are not covered in the price of the trip. 

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