What is Ananda?

Ananda is bliss. It is the "experience" of Brahma, the state of complete unity where no idea of separation exists. While pleasure and pain are born out of the ideas of change and separateness, Ananda is eternal and non changing. It is complete bliss itself.


आनन्दाद्ध्येव खल्विमानि भूतानि जायन्ते  

आनन्देन जातानि जीवन्ति

आनन्दं प्रयन्त्यभिसंविशन्ति

 anandad dhy eva khalv Imani bhutani jayante

anandena jatani jivanti

anandam prayantyabhisamvisanti

"Out of Ananda (bliss) these beings are born,

In Ananda (bliss) they are sustained,

And to bliss they go and merge again"

-Taittiriyopanishad 3.6.1