“Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose?”


Whether you have asked yourself these questions or not, they are lurking somewhere in your subconscious, defining your personality, dictating your actions, and setting the limits of what is possible for you and your life.

What if these questions had an easy answer, an answer that was universal, yet unique to you as an individual? What if all you needed were simple tools to point you in the right direction allowing who you really are, your unique path and contribution to unfold themselves? What if who you are and what you thought was possible were just but one iteration in a sea of possibilities? And, what if you actually could choose anything you wanted for your life: your health, your abilities, your career, your place in life?

“Darshan means Vision.”

Darshan a vision based on humanity’s deepest impulse to evolve and for each of us to comprehend, understand and fully appreciate who we are as individuals in relationship to the universe we all share, and are all a part of.


Yoga Re-defined

Yoga is any system that allows you as an individual to fully understand who and what you are in relationship to the universe you inhabit. It is anything which causes you to really “get” who you are and causes you to realize your full potential. The result is a life of unlimited possibility and purpose. The word “yoga”currently has limited meaning. It usually references a struggle for physical flexibility, beauty and inner peace, all of which are generally just somewhat out of reach. It references states of being like “enlightenment” without clearly defining what they mean, why someone would want that, and most of all what actual steps or practices would actually lead someone to that.

The Darshan Method

The Darshan Method is a systematic approach to yoga based on the principles of the Tantric and Vedic Sciences. It is a clear and concise framework that naturally and powerfully opens the doorways to deeper experiences physically, mentally and spiritually. It is an approach which has applications to all areas of life, from physical health to enhanced perception, to the realization of abilities beyond what you could imagine possible. It is a collection of powerful technique and teachings which allow you to understand. appreciate and comprehend the mechanics of your body, your mind, your world and the universe itself.

Through this understanding, you gain access to choice in every aspect of your life: your physical health, your thoughts and emotions, your experiences of peace, interconnectedness and relatedness, your sense of agency and power in any situation. All of these lead to a life of freedom, meaning and purpose.

The Darshan Method was created by Jim Kulackoski and is the result of decades of personal study and research into the ancient principles of yoga tantra and veda. For centuries, much of this simple knowledge has been lost, kept secret or simply overlooked. The Darshan Method codifies these principles into a coherent and orderly system that is applicable to a modern lifestyle and that can be practiced and realized by anyone.


The Darshan Center

The Darshan Center, located in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood is our vision for humanity; a vision of truth that unites all beings through classes, programs and techniques that inspire participants to realize this truth by cultivating deep awareness. Awareness gives access to truth, truth gives access to choice, choice gives access to a life full of possibility. We are committed to understanding, preserving, and expounding upon the knowledge of the Vedas. Our aim is to make this knowledge available and accessible to people from all walks of life, resulting in the creation of paradigms for health, well being and enlightenment in all aspects of life for all people.